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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sara from Sarandipity Sweets

Remember back when I told you about SARANDIPITY SWEETS here?

Sara has a blog and she blogged THIS recipe for Carmel corn, well Carmel corn is one of my ultimate favorite treats... So I figured if anyone knew how to make treats it's Sara...

her cake pops were Amazing as I remember and crave them daily!

(Here is her Etsy shop if you want to order some)

I just made the Carmel corn and OMG it's the best Carmel corn ever! Hubs said not to make it because he doesn't like Carmel corn, but he ate more than half the batch, and said AND I QUOTE "The best freaking Carmel Popcorn Ever"

And.... it took only like 10min to make and it only took a few ingredients so it was Super easy and I had everything on hand already!

For Valentines day she has created these beautiful Coversation heart pops,


and these (stickless) chocolates cake pops...


Isn't she talented!!!

Sara, thanks for the yummy recipes! Now go follow her blog!

And purchase some valentines goodies for your sweetheart,

you won't be sorry!

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1 Comment:

Sara said...

You girls are just too good to me!! ♥

I'm soooo glad you posted about the recipe. I always wonder after I post them if anyone tries them out. And then if they were happy with the results!! I'm super happy you liked it!