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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sarandipity Sweets

Ok, I have to tell you about my newest FAVORITE seller on Etsy: Sarandipity Sweets. **go check them out so you know exactly what I'm talking about**


**click on picture to biggify and start drooling**

Seriously have you ever heard of a cake pop? I was actually surprised at how many people had no idea what a cake pop was... Here is a list of Bakerella's cake pops, that I often drool over. **be sure to scroll and see all the different shapes and creations**


Sarandipity sweets is an Etsy shop that makes and sells CAKE POPS... yeah so if your like me and have no baking talent and are dying to try a cake pop. I HIGHLY recommend Sarandipity sweets and let me tell you why!

For little miss "A"'s birthday party this year I was dreading baking a cake and having to smell all the wonderful goodness and not be able to eat it since I have Gestational Diabetes... just the temptation alone! LOL I ran into Sarandipity sweets on Etsy, contacted SARA the owner and worked out a deal to try out her cake pops at the birthday party!! I am impressed! Not only is Sara the sweetest gal on earth who sent me 35 cake pops in a variety of flavors and colors to match my party theme, but when I got them I was in awe... my jaw dropped, every little detail was so amazing! The box that everything came in was beautiful, they were each beautifully wrapped and had her cute little sarandipity sweets tags on them, There was even a special one for the birthday girl that was bigger and could make anyone feel extra special, each pop was tied with ribbon laying so perfect in the box with layers of bubble wrap and Styrofoam and ice packs keeping them cool!!! I was so excited I had to call and immediatly tell my sister and mom how excited and perfect these cake pops looked! **lucky for my party guests that I wasn't tempted to eat them because I couldn't smell them, and they were too cute to eat!!!**


So the morning of the party I got them out of my fridge and let them warm to room temperature which is the best way to consume them. Immediately I got questions about IF I had made them and where I got them and how cute they were... WHAT they were... etc. Everyone was just as impressed as I was and dying to try them! Of course at that point what was holding me back, I hurried and snuck one and soon wanted to hide all of them and eat them one by one all by myself... YES THEY WERE THAT GOOD... AND FOR A GIRL LIKE ME WHO PREFERS PIE TO CAKE... THAT SHOULD SAY A LOT!!!!


The cake was SO MOIST and delicious, it just melted in my mouth, I guess I had started a trend because my guests were coming over and eating them one by one... EVERYONE loved them! The kids all thought they were lollipops and were surprised they were cupcakes on a stick dipped in milk and white chocolate, but all were SO delicious they started to disappear. So I hurried and hide some (FOR REAL) for me to eat later... hee hee

We got to sample 3 flavors thanks to Sara. Red Velvet, Cherry Chip and Chocolate. I myself missed out on the chocolate before they were gone... but with how good the other two were I didn't mind! I think the Red Velvet was the favorite of my group, but I'm sure that was by a tiny margin because they were all gobbled down so fast it was like no one had eaten in weeks!!

When it was time for the birthday girl to gobble hers up she went to town!!!




does it look like she enjoyed it? *HEE HEE*



Sara wrote me a little blurb to post so you could all learn more about her:

I've been helping my mom bake ever since I was wobbling around the kitchen on toddler legs. It's always been a passion of mine that makes me happy and allows me to express my creativity. And making people smile with homemade treats is one of my favorite things ever! Sarandipity is one of the nicknames my little sister calls me, and it's a perfect fit for how this all got started for me. Most of what I make is entirely customizable, so if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!

The easiest way to get to my shop is with this link: www.SarandipitySweets.com.

I also have a Facebook Fan page with more photos of projects I've done:

So now you can see why I am such a HUGE fan of Sarandipity sweets?!?!?


I would recommend them to anyone and everyone I know, and just for you Sara is offering any first-time customers that mention my blog: free shipping for an order of less than 40 Pops!!!!!!!!!!! **again let me add that although I'm a frugal gal, I would totally pay for these adorable little delights, they are SO WORTH EVERY PENNY!!**

Thank you SO VERY MUCH to Sara and Sarandipity sweets for being so wonderful, for sending these yummy treats and helping me out when I am about to pop and giving me the chance to tell the world about her. **now go sign up to be a fan of the FB group and leave your comments telling everyone how amazing they are!**

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sara said...

Oh, you have made my day!! Thank you sooo, sooo much for your sweet comments, Brandy! As always, hearing that people smile with things I bake is just the best thing ever.

And can I say - that photo of your daughter, mowing down the Pop is honestly the best thing EVER. I'm going to open it up and peek at it every day just to smile and laugh :)

Huge Smiles, sara (aka Sarandipity)

Sashafras said...

Those look so awesome!!!!

Mellisa said...

Omgosh...I have to have a cake pop!

Your daughter looked so cute! It looks like your party was a great success!! Did I mention I have to have a cake pop?

Krystal said...

Okay, you totally convinced me that I have got to try a cake pop. I've never even heard of such a thing, but now I just have to have one!! :)