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Monday, January 25, 2010

My Freezer meal plan

OK, so you may have seen today I announced the new blog From Blah to Ta-Daa that I'm co authoring on.


Well my goals were to cook a new recipe at least once a week to spice up the weekly menu. On top of this I would really like to add FREEZER meals to my weekly list. Freezer meals are meals you can make a few at a time and throw the spares in the freezer for the next time you want one and it saves you time from making the same dish fresh 3 separate times. I think it's an amazing idea since being a mother alone can take up a ton of time, let alone running my bow business, this blog among others and trying to keep the house clean and stay on top of all those household duties.

In the process I stumbled upon a site called 30meals in one day... Checking out their site made it very tempting to get this set of stuff to help me along my way, since I have NO idea what is able to be frozen and not and where to even look to get good freezable recipes. SO.... I contacted them, and they graciously sent me the system to test and review for you my lovely readers. I am working my way through the dinner book as we speak/type and thought I would share a few thoughts.

If you are a complete "freezer meal" beginner like me you will want to seriously consider getting this set... I am like 16 pages in and I have learned so so much on what foods are Freezerworthy and it tells you a list of kitchen items that make it easier to even cook multiple meals in one day.


I am excited and wanted to put it out there so that if any of you are like me and want to start freezer meals, OR you already do this but need new recipes I am highly recommending trying it out.


Not only do they have books with recipes but they have software CD's to manage shopping lists just by adding your weekly menu it will take all the recipes and throw it into a shopping list for you. Also it will convert the 1Cup of shredded cheese that a recipe calls for into a format that they sell at the store... well since most stores don't sell cheese by the Cup. LOL

My recipe test: Candied Chicken

If you do Freezer meals or have any interest in them, I would love to hear from you and get your input on recipes and information we all need to share and your experiences!! Thanks!!!


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Anonymous said...

I do freezer meals at a place called Make and Take Gourmet. (www.makeandtakegourmet.com). It's awesome!

Anonymous said...

WOW! This sounds so wonderful. I like haveing meals in the freezer that I can just pull out and heat up. I don't do it often enough. Mostly, because I don't know what freezes well. I'm going to go to this site and check it out. Thanks for doing a review.