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Monday, January 12, 2009

If you love Albertsons too!?!?

Last night while checking out my stash of diapers, I found a sample EASY UP *this is pampers version of a pull up* that I ordered probably through walmart a long time ago, anyway I noticed it said coupon inside. So I opened it and found 2 2.00 off a bag of easy ups... AND I also learned these are included in the Albertsons deal... So for potty training I ran and got the last 3 bags on the shelf of Easy ups. :) So for 6.00 more I got 3 bags of Easy ups. :) Still loving Albertsons! OH and If you do this deal and you get Cheerios and other Cereals... watch for more CAT coupons that are to be used on future cheerio coupons, I noticed I got two so far. 1.50/4boxes and 1.50/3 boxes... which can help for your foodstorage/stockpile whatever you want to call it!