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Monday, January 12, 2009

Walgreens... 1/12

So I was going to skip Walgreen's this week because 1. I spent too much money at Albertsons... I went over budget... AND 2. There wasn't any unbeatable deals. IMO

However, I found that I had some RR that expired TODAY so I ran there! HA HA HA12pack pepsi x3: 3.00 each=9.00 -50% = 1.50each
tostitos x2:3.79 each = 7.58 -50% = 1.90each
tostitos queso dip : 3.79 -50% = 1.90
=grand total= 20.37 get 10.00RR wyb 20.00 in PEPSI & or FRITO LAY products. Which makes these 50% off to begin with. PLUS you can mail in for a $15.00 back in coupons***** requires 3 pepsi products and 3 frito lay product UPC's****
I will find the rebate link again if anyone wants it, good deal for the superbowl parties coming up! HERE

Aquafresh toothpaste: 2.99 -2.00ESC -1.00MC (printable)
(the ESC says limit one, although you can print out 2 printables... so I will go back and get my second tube for free another day!)

7th generation tub and tile cleaner: clearanced for 1.19 each= 2.38 -1.00/1x2= .38both!!! Printable

So my total was 24ish -12.00RR that I had to use, and paid 12.00 oop then I got 12.00 RR printed. So basically ALL this for FREE!

*for today, but the 12.00RR I spent was figured into the earlier deal... for whatever items I bought that made them print that day, so truly it was all this for 12.00**
Thanks to The "Cent" sible Sawyer for helping me find the printables!