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Saturday, July 3, 2010

I still want a flip!

I already told you about this contest here, this is my weekly entry to win me a flip!!!

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Ok ok ok, so this is my bountiful basket from a few weeks ago, its taking me this long to blog it,! I just got another this morning, which we will try to blog next week... :)

If you haven't heard of Bountiful Baskets go HERE to check it out!


tomatoes were so good, it was like I grew them at home!

Plums- I still have some of these what should I make with them?

The peaches were gone fast along with the cherries... the grapes went bad :( Banana's of course got eaten, Broccoli went bad :( still have carrots but we've been eating them

lettuce always helpful, avacados were DELICIOUS, there are two canaloups under there... a pineapple YUM, and we got an extra side item which was cranberry bars!

It was a good week!

NOW... go join in on the fun, enter her giveaway and post your picture so you can get extra entries!!!

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1 Comment:

Mellisa Rock said...

Oh this looks so amazing - Since it's not available in my area - I found out that their is an Oklahoma co-Op that delivers in my hometown - there is a $50.00 one time free - then you can shop through all the farmer's and pick out what you want - I think it's going to be great since you can only get what you will use and it's all grown here in OK!! :) Good Job posting to win a flip!!