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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WAnt to win a flip? Join me!

ok so one of my bloggy friends and one of the luckiest girls I know... (she wins so many giveaways!) happen to win TWO flip cameras... really you think? not surprised. She is nice enough that she is giving one away to a lucky reader.

Check out the details HERE


This week I am finally participating in the photo entry... where she only asks you post a picture of the fruits and veggies you bought the past week and blog about it... Well I am on a healthy kick lately and we are really trying to eat more fruits and veggies. I bought less than 20.00 before the fruits and veggies :) YEAH for me, I came home and cut and prepped everything (minus the bananas and pineapple that need to ripen) and put them in containers for easy snack access....


I got the veggie tray out for lunch and Lovebug already started chowing down... she even tried a mango and a raddish (two things never tried before)

So go join in on the fun, enter her giveaway and post your picture so you can get extra entries!!!

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1 Comment:

Mellisa Rock said...

This is a fantastic entry!!! I love that you got everything all prepped up and ready!! AND I love it even more that you little one is trying out new things! :) Great Job!