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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bzz Agent: Covergirl smoky shadowblast eyeshadow & Shineblast lip gloss

BzzAgent Badge

So here is the link to BZZ agent if your not an agent go sign up and become one so you can get free product to test out too! :)

Visit Covergirl.com to see the full color selection for the products mentioned in the VLOG.

The shineblast lip gloss I received was SPARKLER and the Shadowblast eyeshadow was ONYX SMOKE. I want to try Purple Plum or Bronze Fire. :)

Thanks everyone I hope you had fun watching my first Vlog I had fun making it! I also linked up on "get your vlog on" with Lizzybtv run link up your VLOG too!

Hey I found this video I did it right... Gotta get more practice and add mascara to see the final product! YEAH for me!

Ok and I tried it again this morning (the vlog was yesterday) and BOOM much better! I was going to take a pic and show you but the web cam isn't working :( GRRRRRRR

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The Armstrong Family said...

I got the same pack as you and I am having the same issues! lol Good job ob the vlog

Brandy said...

Now I really want to try mine! And were you talking directly to me when you said "Hi!" after talking about the BOGO with coupons. You know that's how I roll! LOL!

Anyway great job!

Mellisa Rock said...

WOW - Great Job!! See it's very hard to keep your eyes on the camera...I have to hide myself so I don't watch...lol -- I got a purple and pink shadow blast to try and while I like the colors I am having a hard time figuring out who it works...with shadow you are supposed to put the darkest along the bottom and blend up into the eye - but this is so sticky that it really stays where it is. Hope you join in on Monday Mingle - I think it's a lot of fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Brandy, you did a great job with the vlog!!! You inspire me! Keep up the good work!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

I will have to try this product!

Linda Ramos said...

I used to love Covergirl. I have not worn it in a really long time. I may have to go check this out.

I enjoyed watching your vlog.. looking forward to seeing more!

Lizzie said...

Brandy!! Way to go with the first vlog - I loved it!!! Here's what I loved most - you were "YOU!" I wish more reviews of products were as authentic and honest as the one you gave... I laughed out loud when you said the lip gloss smelled gross. Watching you use the products - made it real and practical. I do smokey eyes once in a blue moon and the key that they don't tell you is - it's all about "blending!" If you have a spare eyemakeup brush that's the best thing to use.

So thrilled you linked up - I loved the vlog review. Hope you come back next week and keep vlogging!!