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Monday, February 15, 2010

Peachy Cheap

Today I stumbled upon another "DAILY DEAL" site Called Peachy Cheap Where they list one deal a day and once it's gone it's gone, today is some cute Ribbon!!! It's centered on Scrapbooking deals.

Check it out!

Do you know of more sites that do this?

(here is the other sites I have listed before)

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1 Comment:

Yona said...

I bought a 60-piece craft flower set from Peachy Cheap. I like that site a lot. If you want access to a lot of daily deal sites, check out Deal of the Day Tracker: http://www.dodtracker.com/oneaday/ Tons of listings!Seems close to 100 sites listed at any one time. You'll become hooked with all of the opportunities. Changes every day.