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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) 11/05


For my random acts of kindness post today I had a lot of catching up to do around the house and online and just plain overwhelmed lately.. My hubs tends to know when I am stressed out... He came home last night with a candy bar... now this may not seem like a lot to any of you, but to a girl who had GD and is currently limiting the candy she eats it is a HUGE deal.

Often in our relationships with people we tend to know when they are stressed or sad or down and how much effort does it really take to send someone a little pick me up, a simple candy bar, or a note, or an email... etc. I love sending little things here and there to make sure that someone I know and love has a great day, the best part is that it doesn't have to be expensive... it can be free and still mean a lot to that person.

currently my aunt has had a dog in the hospital for a week or two in and out and multiple surgeries... she is beating herself up over this since she backed up in the car and accidently hit the little gal. She is only a yorkie so tiny, but she is a fighter she is still alive today and has been through a lot, I am thinking of doing sometime nice to cheer my aunt up and haven't come up with the perfect solution yet. but I would love some ideas.

I also want to challenge you to treating someone you love with a special surprise be as creative as you can, but i want to put a limit on it and make it like 2.00 or less. If your going to take my challenge please comment and update us with your surprise once it's complete. (A great place to do this is to link up by clicking on the RAOK banner above)

Thanks Mellisa for hosting this.
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1 Comment:

mellisarock said...

Oh the simple gifts are the best!! Hubby does that for me sometimes but it's usually a diet coke...I am going to do something small...hey check out your typing error though...looks like 2000.00 lol I am going to give up the computer tonight so that Hubby can gawk over some Invicta watches!! Thanks for Joining in!!