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Monday, October 12, 2009

Mclinkky Ideas input wanted

Sorry for the many posts today but I really want my readers input. I have been thinking of hosting my own blog hop theme day post... but I have so many ideas and if you read my 10 honest things below on my awards post you'll learn I'm indecisive.. It's a terrible thing!

So here are some ideas and I'm welcoming new ideas. I want to know which ideas you like and which ideas you'll join me for. :)

Most popular will win!!!!

  1. Talk to me Tuesday: Where I'll come up with a question like "where did you and hubs meet" and then we can get to know each other better
  2. What a mouth full:Wednesday: This would be for venting or for replaying conversations you've had the past week weather frustrating or just telling us the cute things your kids say to you.
  3. Television Tuesday: a recap on my favorite shows and what went down on them.
  4. Advice: If you wanted to tell the bad driver you nearly hit some advice, or a rude friend or anyone you want to share advice with. OR something you Need advice on.
These are the ideas what do you all think??? PLEASE let me know.

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Lisa Anne said...

I'm all for television Tuesday! I've got to talk about my Greys Anatomy. Only can you make it Television Wed, cause my Tuesday is booked already. grrrr.

If you liked my pumpkin poop, you totally have to see my post today! it's all coming together.

♥ Teresa ♥ said...


Thanks so much for visiting my blog after your special SITS day! I hope it was a truly wonderful day for you!

I absolutely love Blog Hops. They are so much fun! I sort of like your Television Tuesday idea because I really like to chat about my favorite TV shows. However, my husband and I use our DVR a lot because there are several shows we love to watch and, with all the craziness around here, we just can't keep up with all of them every week. Therefore, I am often a few days behind on certain shows. I just hate when I am reading a blog and happen upon a *spoiler* the very next morning after a show was on! So, this one would probably get a thumbs down for me. I would at least recommend you put a spoiler warning at the top.

I think out of all of them, I like 'What a mouthful: Wednesday'. I've actually seen 'YAYA' do something like this and call it 'Friday Fragments/Focus Friday - **The post where I cram in way too many random thoughts/**.' Here she posts a whole bunch of totally random things she wants to say and then at the end she lists a few things she needs to focus on in the coming week or so. I really like this! Here is a link to one of her posts in case you'd like to take a look and get some ideas:


Well, good luck with your decision. I'd love to know what you decide. I like to participate in these 'themed days', especially when I'm having a hard time figuring out what to post OR when I'm absolutely too fatigued to really put a lot of time and energy into a post.

In the meantime, I hope you have a truly wonderful week and I hope you'll visit again soon!


Teresa <><


Katy and Ross said...

I like the idea of talk to me tuesday and the television tuesday. They both sound like fun :)

Joanna B said...

I LOVE all the ideas on your blog! I found you through SITS, and I am really looking forward to following along!

mellisarock said...

oh I love what a mouthful wednesday!! and tv tuesday...maybe you should do 2?