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Monday, August 10, 2009

Making money through YOUDATA

Dear Bloggy Friends!!!

How many of you are members at Mypoints? or Bzzagent? or Blogspark? Ebates... etc...

You like free points, products to test and cash back on your purchases... well this is BETTER!!!

YouDATA is a site like mypoints that you can go there sign in and click on the ads for money... it's like a few cents each ad, that opens up a new window or tab to take you to their site. Then immediatly close that tab or window and you got paid for doing that... (just like the collect 5 points emails you get from mypoints) seriously let me explain why this is BETTER: Instead of collecting points and putting them together to order a gift card in the future, YOUDATA collects your money and then puts it DIRECTLY into your PAYPAL account WEEKLY... no minimum... I think I have had a few dollars put in the last few weeks because I've been slacking and forgetting to check the ads, but now I downloaded the handy dandy desktop version I will see it with each start up and no forgetting... you could make a dollar or more a day!!! For just seconds maybe minutes of your time. :)

Make sure you go sign up and tell them I refered you. My MeFile ID, theroyalfamily, put that in the REFERAL CODE area, so I can make my referal fee http://www.youdata.com/join/theroyalfamily

**thanks to loyal readers Brandy U. and Joane L. for already signing up!!!**

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1 Comment:

Brandy said...

Dude! I got my $1.40 last week and was stoked. I mean it's FREE money! Now if I could just remember everyday...