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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Covergirl Lipstain Before and After photos

Last week I got my bzz kit for Covergirls outlast lipstain, I blogged about it HERE.

I finally got a chance to try it out and did some


and after

pictures to share!

It was Teasing blush 415 that I tried, and I didn't think it was bad, but it wasn't as good as my Mary Kay pink Shimmer... Which is my reg. lipstick. I thought it went on smoothly, it was light weight I did forget I was even wearing it, not sticky or anything I didn't notice the smell or taste that some readers have mentioned... Overall I would try a different shade maybe once my MK is gone, the price is around half the price of the MK which is a plus for a frugal mom like myself... But I don't think I could wear this shade on a everyday basis.

I did try a few things to see how it stacked up against what the product literature said.

  • non-transferable- I rubbed my finger over it a moment after applying and I had a pink finger :(
  • non-transferable- I kissed hubs and he had NO trace of lipstick
  • Marker tip- I thought this was an GREAT idea to apply lipstick, I also noticed I could layer the color to make it darker... which I didnt' want.
  • Water based so not suppose to dry out your lips- I followed directions and using chapstick over the top anyway, it was nice and moist and didn't feel dry later on.
  • Packaged and displayed for simple, accurate shade matching- Agree that my bottle matches the color on my lips
  • Lasting color- It was on for hours, but I didn't time it for how many hours.
The great thing besides being half price of MK (which makes it like 7.29) it is sold at Walmart, Target, Drug Stores... lots of places I shop!!! AND I really love covergirl, I wear a lot of their other makeup and have always been satisfied with it!

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Michelle said...

It's a pretty color on you though.

I'll do the bzz thingy dealy if you give me your code.

You barely look pregnant...not fat at all! You are beautiful!!!!

Brandy said...

Nice pictures! It seems I've missed a couple posts...what the heck?!