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Friday, July 10, 2009

BZZ Kit Covergirl outlast lipstain

Ok, I may be the most excited I have ever been on a buzz campaign... nope I am always this excited, but I got this kit and it's so beaitufully wrapped that I didn't want to tear it open. BUT I DID!!! And you know this might be silly but I am excited because I LOVE Covergirl to begin with, and then my kit had a picture of Drew Barrymore wearing this lipstick *Squeek, I get to be like her!* and as I went to covergirls website to find more information I was reminded that ELLEN is a covergirl... her show just cracks me up!

Then I saw a link for "GET COLOR MATCHED NOW" where I can answer a few questions on my hair eye and skin color and they will tell me the perfect shade of oulast lipstain for me to try!!! I was told to try Everbloom kiss 400, but I got Teasing Blush 415 in my kit, and that seems to be more of a color I would have picked out for myself... *shrug* But I think it was very helpful if you are going to go try this. RUN do the survey and tell me what color it told you to try!

If you leave a comment with what color you would try or it told you to try, then i'll be happy to mail you a coupon *what am I kidding if you want a coupon I will send you one, but it would be fun to know what color you want to try....!! *hint hint nudge nudge*

Anyway, I am so thrilled I get to try this new lipstick out and tell you all what I think, I will be doing before and after pictures and everything, doesn't that sound like fun? YEAH!!!!

Anyone else tried this lipstain or heard of it? Anyone want to try it...? Share your opinion!

That's all for now, let the buzz begin!

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Shana said...

I just got my Bzz kit too!!! I got flirty nude (I think that is what I picked). I'll be doing before and after pics too when I have my "out in public" face on tomorrow!

Brandy said...

I got this buzz kit too! I wore it today, but I cannot remember the name of the color. I don't like typical lipstick so this is PERFECT for me!

BTW, I got the hot dog coupon before I left for vacay - THANKS SO MUCH!

Mrs Save Alot said...

i got mine too..love it love it love it...it does have a bit of a taste, but it is not bad at all

Susan said...

I got Everbloom Kiss, and I luv it! I've been wearing it everyday! The color lasts for hours and it leaves the lips nice and smooth :)


Lynned said...

Okay, first of all I have to say that your dd is ADORABLE!

I am not on buzz kit yet, but I need to sign up ASAP! LOL!

If you'd like to send me a coupon for the Everbloom kiss 400, I'd love to try it. I saw a tv ad for it, but of course I'm too cheap to pay full price. LOL. I bet it retails for about 8.99, huh. (I personally like to stock up on free make-up @ Publix when they have a coupon I can stack with a mf!)

Happy pregnancy!