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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bic Soleil Bella Razor Review

Ok, So I originally posted about this BZZ campaign HERE. Now that I have officially gotten it in the shower with me, I can give it my full review.

I LOVE THIS RAZOR... seriously I didn't think that having 4 blades could really make a difference, but let me tell you, it does! My favorite thing is that I am still smooth and I shaved like nearly a week ago (shhhh it's only gross if you are prickly!!! and I am NOT) It has a FATTER handle than my typical razor so it actually fits and stays in the razor hole in my shower caddy... which is a plus since the belly is getting bigger and bigger and it's harder and harder to bend. HA HA HA

My hubby tried one and said he liked it, but it wasn't anything special... however it was meant for a girl to really enjoy, so just that he tried it I was pleased!

I went out to get my packages at Walgreens (because after sales price it made them .99cents) and I found none... all sold out, my guess is because the secret is out and everyone else wanted more for themselves! However while browsing a Target I found them on sale for 4.39 a package and then with my 3.00 off coupon they were 1.39!!! which is nearly .99cents, AND I don't have to deal with a picky checker (which occassionaly I run into at Walgreens) OR the $1 RR for each one. :)

Yeah, you might say i'm obsessed, I bought 9. One for my SIL who wanted one, 8 for me and then I was out of coupons, I did mail out the coupons you readers requested, let me know when you get your razors and try them!

And remember if I bought 9 sets it was a good deal, I compared them to my standard disposible razors and THESE ended up being cheaper!!!!!!!! I was suprised, but thrilled!

Anyone else tried these? Any thoughts or feedback?

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The King Family said...

Yipee! I am excited to try one! My razor right now has some seriously nicked blades and it is NOT fun to shave with! lol

Michelle said...

I really like mine too and I went a week without shaving and it wasnt bad. I mean, I had to try them out!!! I've got to do my blog post about them but havent yet.