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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Buzz on the new BIC Soleil Bella Razor... .99cents at Walgreens this week!


Good Sunday everyone, I am excited it was the weekend, although half over I am still very excited to have today to spend with my family!!

I joined a new Buzz Campaign and wanted to tell you how excited I am!!! I got my kit in the mail last week for the new BIC SOLEIL BELLA SHAVER and I am stoked to use it... no I haven't I keep forgetting to take it in the shower with me, however... I will use it in the next day or two!

I am also excited because I haven't tried a razor with 4 blades before, and BIC tends to be a good razor brand for me, they are pretty blue and green and calming... which sometimes I need to be calmed before shaving! HA HA HA

Another reason I am excited is because my husband agreed to try one for me, for extra feedback, I think the flexible 4 blades is what did him in... , or maybe the e-z rinse technology which claims rinsing is a cinch because it allows water to pass through the blades from either side... He is very picky about razors because of this reason!!

He has to shave so much... he is always worried about being prickly for work and his clients..

YET another reason I am excited is............

DRUMROLL PLEASE.....................

I also got a STACK of coupons to share with my friends, they are $3.00 OFF... well this week at Walgreens they are on sale for 4.99 a pack, with a 1.RR... so after coupon they are only .99cents!! WOW can't beat that! Anyone want a coupon mailed to them? I am willing to share, but I need to know... (hurry while supplies last!)


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The King Family said...

We dont have a Walgreens, but I would love for you to buy one for me and save it for me! I actually have to use Cliffords old Razor.... it sucks! lol (plus I have been using the same blade for about.... 9 months! lol

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely take a coupon. We've got Walgreen's all over the place! Just email me for my address. (Stopping by from SITS. You commented right before me.)

Michelle said...

I did a chat thread.

I've got this razor too...and I really like it. I'll be posting on it next week. Dont you love bzz.