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Thursday, January 15, 2009


So Anyone ever heard of mypoints? Well they email you daily and if you open the emails and click the link in the email which opens a new window or tab to that advertiser and basically close it. (which is just proving your reading the email) you get like 5 points per email, then when you purchase things online you earn a certain amount of points per dollar depending on the store. I have earned enough points already to order a $50.00 gift card to anywhere I want... like Old Navy or JC Penny or Chili's or there are too many choices to name. ANYWAY! This place send earings (the link above) is the same thing but with $$. Instead of earning points, that you transfter into money you earn direct money. You can cash out everytime you hit $30.00!!! And you get a $5.00 bonus for signing up! So go ahead and click on the picture and sign up cause it's FREE MONEY!!!

(**anyone who wants to join mypoints needs to let me know so I can directly refer you and get myself some extra points please!**)