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Monday, January 19, 2009

Albertsons 1/19: FREE MILK & BEANS

Ok, so today I had to run get groceries... seriously I had empty cupboards. I decided to skip Walgreens because I don't have any money budgeted for them this week, which is a good thing there wasn't really anything killer deal there either. MHO

So through Tue night at Albertsons if you buy 4 boxes of cereal (certain kinds) then you get a coupon printed for free milk up to $4.50. So I did a transaction with all my groceries including 3 boxes of Banana nut cheerios and 1 Fiber one cereal. Paid, got my coupon, had her run through my milk (I got the Meadow gold because it was the expensive kind and up to 4.50 you should be able to get the expensive kind.) ANYWAY. So cereal was 1.99 each x4=7.96-.75MCx4(3.00) = 4.96 for 4 boxes of cereal and 4.50 in milk. (BTW 3 of my coupons were printables... check out the printables I have on the sidebar to see if you can find the banana nut cheerios printables!!!)

When I did the milk it wouldn't let me check out because it took straight $4.50 off and the milk was only 3something. So I had her ring up another gallon of milk (the cheaper brand this time) to use the rest of the credit. So since you NOW know that it will take 4.50 off your milk total... NOT just UP TO 4.50, then you can get 1 Albertsons brand for 2.59 and 1 shoppers brand for 2.19 and basically get TWO FREE GALLONS OF MILK!!!

Which is a way better deal then I was originally set out to get. ANYWAY 6 items for 5.00 is a good deal! GO GET SOME MILK!

Then these Wild Harvest Black beans are on sale for 10/10.00 = 1.00 each. then use two PRINTABLES and they are FREE!!!