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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

O.P.I. Nic sticks Paint & Go Nail Lacquer (She Speaks)

For a Nail Techinician this was a great product for me to try. I am overall not for it. I would rather use a reg. bottled polish The bristles are too long not giving me enough control to get the edges of my nails, although the first coat was easy and pretty the second coat was harder because the bristles were opaque by this time so I couldn't tell how much lacquer I was pumping out.(and did pump out a spray that landed on my pillow... ) I do remember OPI drying fast. However, I messed up two nails because I thought they were dry and they weren't... I swear the reg. stuff dries faster... Also I wanted to stand the stick up to store it and the end isn't flat so it wouldn't balance, that was irratating. Anyway it was nice and on the go, I applied very quickly but I wouldn't buy it! :(
Maybe I would if it was a good deal, the color was perfect and they modified the brush.

anyway, if anyone is interested in trying it I have $1.00 coupons for you to use. :) (that applies to all BZZ or shespeaks items)