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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


sample yummmmmmmm

this direct link is a GRAND list of things you can get free in your birthday month... :) (not just food) not to mention a cool site!

this site is neat, it lists the sales at certain stores for UT and AZ... I am going to try this list while i'm going through my ads and see if I can use this... it looks good!

I do have another sample to review not because i'm suppose to just because I liked it and wanted to share... www.truelemon.com (get your sample too!)

I got little packets of true lemon, true lime, and true orange and you get a little book of ideas on how to use them... they are substitutes for like a lemon wedge etc. Anyway I put the lime packet on some tortilla chips... yummmmmmmmmm and I put the lemon in my water yummmmmmmmm and I havne't tried the orange... but its cool. They are all natural and taste good! This would be a good way to have a lemon or lime wedge in that diet coke... which I know is so popular and oh so addictive!!!