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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Random Ramblings: My Birthday

Happy Birthday! Pictures, Images and Photos

So normally this time of year i'm sending you links to what you can get me for my happy day... and sending you on a virtual tour of my "birthday registry" if you will.... well this year I was so super busy I didn't get a chance so instead i'll show you what I got and what I still am waiting for (don't worry I know a few of you are late, better late than never!)

My hubs surprised me with a gift, he teased and said he got something and tormented me all day and then he said it was a thong... he was equally excited he got it for me... LOL It wasn't a thong don't worry! It was a beautiful necklace, I would link you to it, but it's not online and well I would take a pic and show you but the freaking camera cord is missing :( So instead I will tell you it's perfect length and has small and large chunky green beads (Fav. colors is green) and silver beads, I was impressed he picked it out himself!

My mother in law got me some fun items, I had been talking to her a month-ish prior about ordering these items and decided against it to save the money... little did I know she got them and saved them for my happy day. I got THIS, THIS and THIS!!! :) **the toe ring was LIA SOPHIA too but it's no longer on their website, so I found a close looking one...**

I still need a gift certificate
HERE, because I have some serious blog booking to do, and they have free shipping right now until the end of the month so my goal is to finish at least one book.

I want THIS and have for a while I think Lovebug and I could have fun during the day dancing to it... We dance together anyway, but I think this would aid in getting a work out instead of just looking SILLY.

Last but not least... I finally get to downgrade to a purse and ditch the GIANT diaper bag, so THIS is the purse I picked out, the Etsy seller "BY YOUR SIDE" was sweet enough to put it on layaway for me... I have paid two installments but don't have funds for the third... just waiting on my next big bow order and I'll have it paid off and on it's happy little way to my arms.. :) I am so excited!!!

AND OFF the subject... I don't know why lately the text and set up etc of some of my posts are wacko and don't match... so sorry... but it's driving me bonkers!!!
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