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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Get your Vlog on, Random Ramblings and a shout out to Mellisa

Ok, so sorry I babble but it's fun!!! Check out the awesome deals I got at old navy!!

Getting all my ducks in a row


From blah to ta-daa!

"get your vlog on" with Lizzybtv run link up your VLOG too!

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Brandy said...

You are such a bargain shopper! Normally I am too but this weekend I got the CA-utest outfit ever for myself. And it was regular price. :( Like $39 bucks for a shirt & capris, which won't break the bank but still...I didn't even have a coupon.

Mellisa Rock said...

OMGosh you got some really cute stuff! I love those matching dresses! :) Glad you were able to use it and THANKS for the awesome shout out! :)

Linda Ramos said...

Those were awesome prices! I tend to hit walmart because closer and not so bad price wise.. but the selection is not that great.. I really need to start looking at better places! Love the leggings with the lace. Walmart leggings were 3.00 with no lace. My daughter loves clothes, especially dresses!

1coolmama said...

i like watching you vlog. u inspire me to shop. my daughter just turned 6 and inherited my former love of clothing and shoes.

LizzieB said...

Loving the "hauling" video. That's what they're calling vlogs like yours on youtube these days. People showing off all their shopping loot that they hauled off - is huge right now. Love it. Remind me the next time I go shopping to check in with yu - U R the Bargain Mama!!
Thanks for getting your vlog on!!