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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Table Topics Tuesdays at the Nuthouse


I found this meme over at NYASM and I thought it would be fun to join in.

The question is:

Are you an easy crier, what was the last thing you cried about:

1- yes... I cry sympathetically... if someone is crying I'm crying watching them cry. I cry if I'm frustrated, if I'm overwhelmed or if I'm sad, or happy... or watching Greys, or survivor and their family members are there...

2- The last thing I cried over... hmmmmm... I think it was when my toddler and infant were both crying all day and I couldn't help but cry by the end of the day too. .

Join us!! Post your answers and go link up!

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Jane In The Jungle said...

Oh yeah, that would make me cry also....in fact, when the 4 yr old doesn't get enough sleep, and whines and cries all day, ME TOO!!

Shannon said...

Being with crying kids all day is bound to make anyone weepy! ;)

I'm an easy crier, too. I cry at everything... TV, books, movies, my kids...

lynn said...

Oh, I cry during the family member visits on Survivor too!

...one of the Kelly Twins said...

I am a crier.
I cry at "touching" commercials, I cry when I am overwhelmed, angry, sad, frustrated...

Hmm, last thing I cried about... Probably the bathroom being colored with a "sharpie" yesterday. My 2 yr old daughter is always drawing on the walls, furniture, cabinets, but with a sharpie? What a mess, and I mean everything. The sink, walls, washing machine, my sons socks while he sat on the toilet.
All within the 5 min. when my husband called, and I left the bathroom, to get the phone.
So, I cried.
Then repainted the bathroom.

Michelle said...

LOL...AAHHHH...that made me smile.


Sympathy cry, especially if it's a man. OH. I cannot not cry.

Oh yea, the survivor family visit. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I think when Rupert saw his wife for the first time I bawled like a baby.

I dont watch Grey's but ER has made me cry.

Oh and the OC. I dont know if you've ever watched it. But it started from teh beginning on Soap network. So I watch every day at rest time. Don't judge.

Anyway...a main character died at the end of the last season adn now I cant watch it without crying. She's not really dead, just her character.

Brandy said...

I can imagine with two little ones crying is a regular occurence at your house! Unfortunately I cry at all kinds of stuff so it's a regular one at mine too!