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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A little chatter

So I was MIA this morning, And My mind is going like a million miles a minute, so don't mind me while I chatter.......

Today was my day at From Blah to Ta-Daa I made this:


It's theme week we are all working on our own "Food Revolution" thanks to Jaime Oliver's new show.. have you seen it? It's great fun to watch, the lunch "cooks" make me laugh.

Speaking of shows- who watches Parenthood? Isn't that show the BEST!!!

So, I am very excited about EASTER, I know it's totally early, but I put together my girls baskets the ones I got from RELLAROO and I love love love them, I even took pics of them all stuffed cause they were WAY too cute, but i'm going to save those pics until later I think my kids should see them first LOL

I have boiled my eggs and am taking them 3+hours up north to dye them and decorate them with family-- this will be our FIRST Easter with family... normally we keep it down here in this small town where my daughter usually gets all the eggs because at the hunt at the park there is usually MAX two other kids in her age group... LOL
I know the hunt will be way different this year, but it will be fun to dye eggs and eat a brunch together and then we have even been invited to my Sister's inlaws party where the adults hunt for eggs for a grand prize of $$$$$MULAH$$$$$ .... Well that's reason enough to go join family!

Anyway enough about me, what are you doing for the holiday weekend?

p.s. please forgive me since I will be out of town I can't say how often i will be blogging!

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1 Comment:

Amy said...

what a fun time you will have with your family and all of those eggs. Have a great Easter. We are going out for a brunch then my husband has to work. If it is nice outside we may go to the park.