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Monday, November 9, 2009

TV Tuesdays round three *spoiler alert*

Biggest loser:

So Tracey is finally gone... GEESH. I do understand she was playing the game and doing all that she could to stay in the game, but it's something about biggest loser that touches my heart and makes me want people to lose a ton of weight, kinda like it ticked me off when Dan's original partner on last season ruined Dan's chances and they went home... I was mad. He deserved to be there... so the fact that Tracey was playing so hard made me mad, I wanted her to care about the others wanting to lose too and not just being so selfish and watching out for only her! The Episode was good it was fun to watch the challenges. Let's just say we are all lucky I skipped TV tuesdays last week because I had a lot to say about Abby going home. I love Abby and I cried.


WOW so seriously My family members (in our betting game) are slowly being kicked off... yep my brother is now out of the running for the money! Erik is no longer there... you know I wasn't sure how I really felt about Erik he was kind of a loud mouth, but then again he was standing up for his tribe and being a good team player. *shrug* I was happy to see the tribes merged, I had to get my three tribemates merged before they were each picked off. I must admit I really think I am happy to have Russell on that tribe with my player Jaison because seriously he's a manipulative man! He is talented and I think he will be fine although this next week preview shows that he has a target on his back, they just want drama! LOL

I will also say I am totally bummed he played his idol. Glad the second one (the one no one knows about) is gone!


So last week on Greys Christina was in a fight with her loverboy the whole episode, She didn't follow rules and that didn't sit well with him, but I found it all very boring I knew they would make up and I knew it wasn't a big deal, she did seem a bit cocky doing it though, but I think if it was me, I might risk my career to safe someones life like that IF i was as sure as she was doing it! *sorry don't know all the technical terms of what she did* I loved seeing Alex be so tender maybe because I recently had a baby so i'm in baby mode, but that baby was so tiny!!!!!! It shows that he has a tender side and is trying (like most of us) to control the things in his life that he can. Cally and Arizona was a cute story, I loved last week when Arizona stood by the door and didn't let the cheif in that operating room, I really do like her character! So cute at the end when they exchanged the L bomb!

Anyone watch V? Flash Forward I keep hearing great things about these two shows but my DVR is already recording two things at the same time these new shows are recording so I don't get to see them :(
I think someone who watches them (Mellisa) or anyone needs to post what happened so i can stay connected!

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1 Comment:

mellisarock said...

We agree on a lot...except that I was totally sucked into Grey's this week...the girl with 52 broken bones...come on...I loved how she told her parents off!! LOL -- speaking of Grey's -- I caught an old episode -- it was the one -- Pick Me -- Choose Me-- Oh man that was a good one!! I am working on my TV Tuesday Post...and I did watch Flash Forward and V!!