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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) 10/15


My friend Mellisa over at getting all my ducks in a row has this weekly RAOK mcklinky. She tells us about a challenge that she took from a friend that has helped her marriage and I think it's a great challenge so I am going to take it too. :) I think we should take this challange for everyone in our lives not just hubs BUT gotta start somewhere... I also know that sometimes I speak without thinking so I might have to restart this challenge a million times but I am determined to accomplish this goal. So Run to Mellisa's blog to see what i'm talking about, then join us because it's more fun to talk about our failures and our sucess together.

My Random Act of Kindness:

This may seem silly but it came at the right time!

So my sweet neighbor... we will call her "little mama" she is a short gal with LOTS of spunk and attitude and tells it like it is. She cracks me up! We really don't have much in common but you can catch us at least twice a week just chatting it up for hours, anyway this is not the point.

A week or two ago when I was really struggling with nursing Piglet and was having an exceptionally hard day... and by hard I mean tear-filled, She called me randomly and said she has just cleaned her ENTIRE house top to bottem and wanted a fountain drink from the gas station and was running to get one and wanted to know if I wanted one.

Again this seems silly but on a day your crying and you can't seem to stop... yeah caffenated beverages from the gas station sounded quite relaxing. (I love me a good pepsi)

How sweet is that just running to grab a drink and wanted to get me one... she hadn't seem me in days so she had no idea of the stress I had been going through, so I think she may have been inspired to call me :)

Ok, now run link up seriously BECAUSE we all need more RAOK in our lives!!

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mellisarock said...

Oh that is a sweet thing for her to do...I wished that I hadn't started off with my best more outrageous raok last week...the little things are so important too!! thanks for joining in!!

Anonymous said...

that was really sweet! :-)

btw, for some reason I'm not getting your post updates on my dashboard, so I'm going to try unfollowing you then following you again.