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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesdays & Birthday Update

Wordless Wednesdays :

Pregnancy Tickers

Enough said!

*note: I was going to take a belly shot for this... but it's hard to take a self portrait belly shot... so use your imagination*

Birthday Update:

Remember my post HERE about my wish list for my birthday? Yeah well here is the final update: On my actual day, I got told what I was getting for my birthday... but had to wait for shipments. So this is what I got yesterday:

Happy Boxes!!! YES!!! Just what I always wanted... no but seriously.. I love amazon.com... why.. because you don't just get packages from them, you get HAPPY packages!!! *and boy was I happy to see them*

I opened the first one and pulled out a square box and thought MAN that's a big box for a little battery..., so then I opened the big box and realized that the small battery was in the BIG box and the square thing I already opened was my LENS!!! *obviously the shipper man couldn't get both items to fit in one box, let alone a smaller box- shaking my head*


Then I spent the next few hours putting the new lens on and taking photos with it... I would show you those but they have a secret my family hasn't seen yet... so i'll wait until I post that on my family blog before I broadcast it here... But let me tell you... it's awesome!!!!!!

Oh other things I got for my birthday was CASH... who can't use that? and I went and got pampered for 3 hours yesterday getting my hair all highlighted and cut and beautified! I love love love it, and again I would have pictures for you but it's kinda hard to take self portraits...

It was like Yesterday was my actual birthday and I enjoyed every minute of it!

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Brandy said...

Yay for new stuff! You need to get some pics up pronto.

Amy said...

That is wonderful. Just in time for the new baby...

Mandy said...

Ooh, I love boxes and mail... just anything that isn't bills or someone requesting a donation from me. :-) Congrats! And Happy Birthday! The big BIRTH day is coming soon enough, am I right? ;-)

Oh and I've been meaning to write suggestions for future giveaways for you, since you asked for them - I like cookbooks, kitchen items and things like photo albums, pictures and paintings.

But I'm not the normal clothing, bath and body gift kind of girl. I am a little weird so there you go.

How about an AMAZON gift card? Wouldn't that make a great giveaway too? ;-)