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Friday, August 14, 2009

Before the weekend begins

I am so sorry I have been a little loopy lately (pregnancy will do that to you!) I hope your all enjoying the giveaways and I promise to do better on deals and coupons, until this baby arrives then I might take a day or two off. LOL

But I wanted to come up with theme days and get on a wagon to have some ideas of theme days you all participate in. I have a few i'm going to start doing all the time, but in the meantime if you do a theme on a certain day, please share it with me so I can join you! I like theme days and there is no rule to blog once per day often i'm here multiple times a day for deals anyway.

THANKS I would love to hear all the ideas you have. :)

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

I love themes it makes some days so easy.

Make Something Mondays is a great one!

Tempt My Tummy Tuesday is a great one for recipes :)

And I do on my site Weekend Wrap Wednesday.

Amy said...

I have a round robin each month. It will be n Friday Sept. 11th. If you want to stop by.

Michelle said...

Well I often join the works for me wednesday on We are That Family...

and OF COURSE writers workshop on Mama Kat.

Other than that...I dont really do any.

I've got one up today about back to school.