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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rainy Day Smocks

While shopping for the upcoming birthday at my house I realized I wanted an Apron/smock to cover up little miss "A" while she is beginning to "help" me cook, bake and is really into drawing and painting right now. I stumbled upon Rainy Day Smocks shop on Etsy and couldn't resist the Carnival Bloom smock that Holly has listed! Isn't it adorable?!?!

Today we had to test it out!

She was a little distracted at the TV...

She loved that mom pointed out she had POCKETS!!! What kid doesn't love pockets.. :)

This is my cute Neice Lacey and DD little miss A... drawing a sign for DAYEE's birthday!!!

She wanted her foot copied... SEE The BRIGHT colorful flowers on the smock... I LOVE IT!!!

Mixing the cake mix for Dayee's birthday cake..... yum yum (note the back closure are ties around the neck and around the middle, and will be easy to GROWN with "A")

She was really into the mixing and would NOT look up for a picture, I am glad she smiled once though!

I love how well it covered my daughter and prevented her from getting her clothes messy

*no one likes laundry* '

AND I love love love, how it will fit her for years, so she can just keep making messes!

*no wait, what?*

I love how bright and colorful it is, and shows up in pictures!

AND little miss "A" loves getting it on because she knows it's play time!

I really enjoyed getting to know Holly the shop owner, I was also pleased to hear that she donates 10% of all sales to PROJECT LINUS. She is also nice enough she is offering my readers a discount for anything they want to purchase from her Etsy shop Rainy Day Smocks. a 10% discount code for mentioning THE BUZZ.

So go check it out and leave me a comment, telling me which item is your personal favorite!

Now to hear from Holly the shop owner: Welcome to Rainy Day Designs and thank you for stopping by! Here you will find accessories for babies and children that are as sturdy as they are beautiful. Our designs are the perfect blend of practicality and playfulness. we offer hand made nursery sets (bumper, dust ruffle, and quilt), smocks, aprons, burp cloths, plush bunnies and fabric covered wipe containers- just to name a few things.

We consider the environment in our creations. Whether it is organic fabric, locally produced materials, or a step was eliminated in shipping, we try to make a conscious effort to be easier on the Earth.

I hope you enjoy shopping at Rainy Day as much as I enjoy creating these accessories.

Want to make a difference? 10% of Rainy Day Designs' profits go toward the purchase of materials for Project Linus, a non- profit organization that distributes hand sewn blankets to children (newborns to age 18) that have suffered serious illness or trauma. Visit www.projectlinus.org for more information.

While becoming familiar with Holly and her shop, she got me really interested in Project Linus, so make sure you click there too check it out, it's so easy to help and hey maybe we should all make blankets together and donate to the cause!


**Thanks Holly for this incredible smock!**

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Jessica said...

How adorable!!

Mandy said...

Wow, I love those smocks! Maybe if I had my own, I'd frolic around the kitchen baking cupcakes and singing Mary Poppins songs. Seriously, they are so adorable! I will check out the site. Thanks so much for sharing your great finds. You rock!