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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Points & Printable coupon information

Ok, for all you couponeers out there that print the printables and use them... I strongly recommend this p.s. because that's how I got started in coupons ... JUST using printables and nothing else.

I have some information that you may not know that is going to be so helpful to you. Especially if your a mypoints member....If your not a member please leave your email address and I would be happy to refer you (yes I get points for referrals, somebody should!)

When you go to print coupons do you just normally go to coupons.com or general sites???

Did you know that if you print from someones sidebar (a blog etc.) they make money off you printing those coupons??? Well they do.

If your a member at mypoints, you can print the same coupons and earn yourself points for each one.

For each coupon you print and redeem you make 10points (this is double than a typical email incentive) AND if you print and redeem 10 or more during a months time you make an additional 25 points? WAHOOOOOOOOOO!

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