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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chic Princess Bracelet

I ordered this Bracelet from CHIC PRINCESS Etsy shop for DD's upcoming birthday, and Customized it with the help of the shop owner Angela.

I picked Sapphires for her birthstone and the letter "A" for her name....
the picture on the shop is beautiful, but once I got this bracelet in person I was FLOORED how amazingly beautiful it was...
I am dead serious I will be ordering again!
The bracelet is made of sterling silver which is good for us people who have metal allergies and it comes with a free growth chain to grow with little miss A. The Bracelet even came in this beautiful little bag!!

Right now Angela is offering 10% off all of her items for her grand opening (prices listed are the sale prices) She has bracelets for everyone and I think I saw a bracelet for only $4.50 WHICH IS A STEAL! (not to mention other lower priced ones like $7.20, $8.20, & $9.00; Anyone on a budget can work with that!)

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Michelle said...

I LOVE that bracelet.

I've been getting MIllicent a piece of jewelery for every birthday (except one when I coudlnt find anything I like). She has a baby bracelet and a necklace. I will for sure check these out for January. Thanks!!

Mellisa said...

Thanks so much for posting this!! I love love love these bracelets!! I found your blog from the blog wall at we use coupons!