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Friday, June 26, 2009

Freebies, Jamba juice and GIVE ME YOUR BEST SHOT!

Don't forget FREE chocolate!

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Jamba Juice (one of my favorites!) has a Buy one get one coupon out! HERE

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This is a pic of the Colorado River up in Marble Canyon by Lee's Ferry. It was Beautiful!

Now go check out the list of other "give me your best shot" entries! HERE

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Lolli said...

I must say--I'm jealous! I really want to live in Colorado! It's a beautiful picture.

Jenny said...

Wow I have always wanted to go to Colorado. This is a beautiful shot.

Taiya said...

OOh! Love the GMBS photo today! Very beautiful. Colorado River is what runs through the Grand Canyon, right? That's the only place I've seen it.. :)

I am not sure how you can follow my blog. I do Google Reader for all of my "following"...

Paula said...

Thanks for the coupon leads :) Lovely picture of Colorado!