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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tidy Tuesday

Yes, I realize it is WED... but I really did this Tidy Task... yesterday which was Tuesday. I just wasn't about to sit at the computer after working so hard to blog about it.

We have been trying to work on our yard... which is fun... and not fun... depending on the day, the baby's location in my belly, the toddlers attitude and the weather. *I don't DO hot*

*captions below each photo*

Marguerite Daisy: I have had this iron bicycle by my front door for a year, and it has been empty no flowers, so I finally got daisy's (my fav) to brighten it up!

Random, but CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTO! There are like a dozen little creepy crawly friends in this bush... As you can see there are also bee's of some kind which I have a phobia of, so I didn't get close enough to COUNT the wormies...

My two new vines ready to climb up the lattice... that hasn't been put up yet, and shade my front window... :) There will be pink and purple blossoms!

You would NOT believe how OUT OF CONTROL my grass is... It has taken over the whole base of my Fuji Apple Tree... and sucking it's water dry!!! So we ... ha ha HUBS dug up the grass with the shovel and then we put this ring in to help keep it under control...

This is my future SHRUBS around my patio out back...

right side... you can see the dark top soil? yeah, that's because we only replaced two shrubs from this side that were dead... the TINY one in the corner was completely hidden under the grass... again the GRASS thinks it can take over every inch of my spaces and was all the way to the trunks of the Shrubs... and was trying to kill them... Succeeded on a few!!! (hard work pulling grass and it's roots up!!!)

left side: yeah with all the grass and pots it hardly looks TIDY... but let me tell you it looks 100% BETTER than before you can tell Shrubs are suppose to live there and not grass... naughty grass!

This is on the left side, we actually pulled up a little guy we found buried in the grass and pulled up another one... and planted them together to make one.... Doesn't look like one does it... I am serious about this Grass it was OUT OF CONTROL... in IN CONTROL whichever way you want to look at it!!!

What did you do for TIDY TUESDAY?

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