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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tidy Tuesday

So I am a slacker... it's like 2pm and this post is barely going up... BUT for good reason. This Tidy Tuesday is for me... It's a fun and exciting Tidy Tuesday instead of getting all sweaty and dirty from Tidy-ing (is that a word) I tidy-ed myself up... HA HA HA

Yep, I just came back from the salon...(well my friends basement, but good enough!) Miss A and I both got hair cuts and I got a weave... just in time to compensate for the belly. HA HA

So here goes:


(sorry the most recent pic I had of my hair.... Dark, long boring *click to make larger*)


(yeah yeah i'm not good at taking self portraits... this is the best I got!)

So Layers Galore, Color Galore, and BANGS Galore... Fun!

What did you do with your Tidy Tuesday?

Oh and MomAgenda has some new printables avaliable HERE

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Michelle said...

I LOVE your hair! My Dh doesnt like highlights so I never get them but I LOVE them.

RamblingMother said...

cute color. Stopping by from SITS.