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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday THREE

So for theme week today we decided that Thursday Three was the topic because really you'll be getting three different topics! So don't forget to check out Brandy and Denise and what they had to say!

Which means I have free roam to babble about anything I want, and YOU have to listen!

*evil laughter*

OK, So I wasn't preparing to torture you until I got a phone call... and now I am inspired!

So this post will be about pregnancy...

Please note: if you haven't been prego before and you think it's all sunshine and Daisy's... please don't continue reading just skip to the end and leave a friendly comment.

This pregnancy seems to RUN my life right now... and I'm not talking in a good way, I know a lot of girls who say things like "oh, I loved being prego" blah blah blah, I am sorry but I didn't enjoy the first time around and this one with ADDED sickness, illnesses and infections and CRAP, I am still not feeling the prego love. :(

So let me just share how much fun the last few months have been! : morning sickness ALL day puking more than twice a day most days... not sleeping, peeing TOO much, dizzy and EXHAUSTION, not to mention headaches, and constipation... yep that's right I said it CONSTIPATION!!!!

Then Add the flu, then infections that made me puke MORE (I wouldn't have thought possible) then Bronchitis so I would cough until I puked... (again it IS possible)

Do you have any idea how much mental and emotional stress that can add to your life? I have cried A LOT!!!

Oh and don't forget I have a 1year old to run after, feed and change STINKY diapers because I DO HAVE A SUPER SMELLER!!!!

Just when I decide I can't take any more, I give in and ask family for help... some family are HRS away so they really couldn't do anything to help me... some were SCARED they would catch my cold and promised they would help when I was no longer sick... *(ha ha ha... when I wouldn't need the help as much- yeah I'm still annoyed about this and am obviously not over it!) Then of course there were people who said they would come help and never showed. ...

I finally passed the morning sickness about 18weeks... (BARELY 2 weeks ago) I can finally keep things down but most of the other symptoms have continued... Then I go to my appointment this week... GAINED 8 LBS... yep that's right... 8 WHOLE POUNDS!!!

straight to my belly, believe me I can FEEL them!!! My nice Dr. didn't say anything he's sweet, but I brought it up because well I shouldn't be gaining that much weight, I have plenty of excess without being prego so adding 8lbs in 4 short weeks was UPSETTING!!!!

*my consolation was that I had lost at least 8 in the first trimester so I am still not actually in the positive numbers... YET*

OH, so then yesterday I go and drink that nasty orange drink to test my glucose (yes early you normally do this at 28weeks) BUT LUCKY ME!!!! I failed the first test with the first baby, and BARLEY passed the second. So they wanted to test me early this time... and I will get to do it again at 28weeks don't worry... AGAIN LUCKY ME!

I just got THE CALL... SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!I didn't pass, Which means for those of you lucky gals who don't know... I get to go drink ANOTHER nasty drink ASAP and sit there for 3+hours and get poked 4+times to give me a REAL good test...

I am annoyed...

not only is the stuff nasty to drink and you have to sit there twiddling your thumbs watching sick people walk in and out and being so bored you resort to counting tiles on the ceiling or some other mundane thing to occupy your time,

BUT little Miss A was NOT good yesterday at the 1hr... I was ready to leave without getting my blood drawn because she was NOT HAVING IT!!!! so to triple that... OH MY!

I so need a babysitter!!! :(

Oh let's not forget to mention, if I don't pass this 3+hr test (which I BARLEY did the first time I had to take it) I don't know what happens... So I will admit, I am nervous... I just feel like one person shouldn't have all the bad symptoms in just one pregnancy!!! AM I WRONG?

**Oh, feel free to rub my back and tell me it's OK, because it would be nice to hear**(and who better to rely on then complete strangers)

So I guess really I wanted to vent, get this crap off my chest and I really hope that anyone that hasn't ALREADY been prego doesn't read this post, because it's a downer... and I admit I am a complete BABY when it comes to pain or sickness so this ALL may seem like NOTHING to some of you... so share your story and make me feel dumb, because then I'll feel better...


**I think starting off with Moody Monday, and then What the Wednesday was just prepping me for today, and just to give credit where credit is due, my best friend/sister did take me into her house for over a week and took care of miss A so I could sleep on the couch all day, and my mother came down over a weekend and cleaned my ENTIRE house, and my mother in law came down for just a few short hours to cook meals and put in the freezer... Thank goodness I have SOME family I can rely on.Oh, and lets not forget the nice gals in the ward and neighborhood that don't even know me and brought my family MEALS for 4 nights**

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Martha said...

I am so sorry for the tough pregnancy symptoms and emotional rollercoaster. I'm a longtime RN, so if you fail the 3hr GTT (glucose tolerance test), they have you meet with a dietitian and check if you need medication. Deep Breaths, one step at time, sending my best.
Thank you for your nice comment, sorry for the tears.

Jill said...

Oh Brandy! I am visiting by way of Denise's and it does NOT sound good over here at The Buzz!
Here's to hoping things get better VERY, VERY soon!!!
Jill from The Glen

Josie said...

If you need me to come watch baby just let me know and I will be there. I would have been down or done anything for you back then too- all you need to do is ask! :) 6 hours isnt the far to drive to baby sit is it?

Brandy said...

So what you are saying is that it's not all flowers and puffy hearts? <3

Great rant! Now eat some chocolate before they tell you to stop!