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Monday, May 4, 2009

Moody Monday the beginning of theme week

So This week I am joining forces with Brandy from not your average soccer mom, and Denise from there's always room for one more to do THEME WEEK!!!

I have a lot of problems with moods right now, with all these hormones from this pregnancy. There are a few things on the top of my list... But I am telling you I could go on and on!

So my hubs has this man in his life we call him "the sperm donor" more commonly known as his BIOLOGICAL father... for this story we will call him "T" *Shaking my head* We claim we are not related because this man is one of the hardest people I have had to deal with, and we honestly wish we weren't related. Anyway T has not been a big part of my hubs life, he has been anything BUT a father, and since our first meeting this man has been anything but nice to me... he seems to always complain or insult me about my house or my cooking or something... I honestly don't think he is doing it on purpose... he is kind of clueless in that way, he is lacking a light bulb or two that tells him what is proper human relations, and manners.

ANYWAY so My husband has a cell phone he uses for work, we often go over on our minutes because he is the superintendant and has lots of calls, currently his boss it out which means he is now getting all of his boss' calls... So he gets a call Sunday morning and he obviously doesn't know who it is because I hear him answer with his co. name instead of the typical hello. After listening (yes i'm nosey!) to him say yeah, ok, uh huh for 5min. he gets off the phone, cusses and slams the phone down... HE IS MAD... and now I'M WORRIED.

I ask who it was which you KNEW was coming... and he says "My grandma's sister!" in a not so nice tone... and I immediatly think of his little ol' grannies siblings and which it could have been etc... and he says "T's mothers sister!!!.... *LONG PAUSE* she was making SURE we knew we were invited to the family reunion" so in other words someone we have never met, or care to meet and obviously thinks we want to! (who introduces themselves like that, to a stranger they have never met!!!)

Anyway we have been getting invites to the "family" reunion this summer from T, which since we had our first baby we have been invited and been conveintly busy that weekend to avoid it. I mean really, how awkward... My hubs doesn't know these people, he doesn't even like his sperm donor, and just because we had a kid he thinks he gets to be a part of our and HER life???? Then not to mention how awkward I would feel trying to be nice to these people knowing how much my husband hates every moment... ok, I know i'm being a baby but I would have to TALK HIM INTO going... because I feel like i'm in the middle and have no reason to ignore these people other than the insults and missing lightbulbs. THEN to get a random call from someone we don't know to WHAT....? PRESSURE us into coming??? I KNOW T was behind this... and I am now SUPER FRUSTERATED!

So he was so upset I told him to call T RIGHT THEN and tell him it's a work phone we don't have minutes and he can't give that number out, then a perfect time to say WE CAN'T and WONT be going because I am preg and AUG will be too hot for me to camp. (really i'll be ready to pop and not traveling!!!) because you seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... T doesn't know we are pregnant....

the phone call happened a few hours later after I told hubs to be NICE enough but get the point across and he said he had to wait because he was ready to say "STAY OUT OF OUR LIVES" and then T didn't even answer. I just hope he doesn't just POP in and see's my belly before we break the news.

ANYWAY Another topic I am completely IRRATATED about... is the news... we don't normally watch the news here, we have other things going on, and mainly it's depressing... However I wanted to listen one night because I was interested in a story I saw would be on that night. ANYWAY a hour of listening about the SWINE FLU/ H1N1... I am sorry but I am completely over hearing about this virus... it's on the news, its on reg tv. it's on facebook and blogs and emails (who doesn't understand to throw the tissue away after using it!) and I am getting phone calls at the crack of dawn to remind me to run get tylenol and anti diareah, along with my N95 masks and gloves and water and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think I can take it any more... can't I just say ignorance is bliss and I am afraid this is only the beginning of it, since it was just confirmed here in UTAH. :( Just give me a break, I got plenty of other things to worry and stress out about!!!

*I don't mean to make light of the subject, I just want to live my life normally and not in fear of the swine flu*

**Deep sigh**

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Michelle said...

Ah, I"m sorry.

Funny thing, you were above me on SITS. Had to visit early!

Denise said...

Sounds like you all need to cut T out of your lives. Seriously. Brandy U. had this very same topic bout her B-mom last week.

Brandy said...

I hear you on the swine flu. I thought it was common knowledge to wash your hands and not cough on other people. Duh.

And you know I have family issues so I totally get that whole situation.