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Friday, May 1, 2009


This is how I have been FRUGAL this week or today :) or both

So yesterday I stopped at a local craft store and saw some crafts I wanted to purchase... however the style I wanted was out... (that never happens) So I came home and checked online shopping, which led to more shopping, and more shopping and MORE shopping... What did I buy you ask.... NOT A THING!

But I wanted to... I can't afford what I wanted to buy because there were a million things, so I decided that I would just show you all the things I found online shopping yesterday that I wish I had money to buy. I am frugal so I don't NEED these items they are WANTS which means they will go un-purchased. But a girl can dream!

First THIS is what I wanted that was OUT at the store, since baby#2 is going to be taking over the crib, my 20 mo old gets to upgrade which means she needs bedding, I have the stuff to make her a quilt, but I thought these "Princess" pillowcases was only fitting. That led me to search online for other retailers to find the cheapest price, which led to finding THIS for baby#2, and THIS, and THIS, and THIS, and THIS, I can keep going... but I think you get the idea.

This I ended up looking at EBAY for these items and found THIS and THESE, then I started a new search for BURPS made out of Cloth diapers... because the fleece ones I have aren't that absorbent... I ended up again in a million places finding them custom made from $3.00 a piece to 7.00 a piece.

Then I got an email that took me HERE to ENTER TO WIN a WUBBA NUB, which I decided I want because it is so dang cute!!! plus they are on sale from $15.00 to $10.00... sorry still not cheap enough for me :(

This my SIL called to tell me about a RUMMAGE sale that was happening this morning, so I started hunting down garage/yard sales to go to after the Rummage sale and found ONLY 1, and was dissappointed

So this morning I ran to the Rummage sale, this is what I bought

Maternity capris, and 3 maternity shirts... (I NEED THESE) and two skirts and pair of NICE jeans for my daughter Addie.= $3.50

Then I drove around looking for signs for other sales and found 3, two of which I drove past because they were JUNK sales... nothing I wanted, then I found one to actually stop at... and got THESE

a country bear to add to my collection, and an outfit for baby#2= .75cents

OK OK OK, so some of you are totally grossed out by the concept of a garage/yard sale because it is one thing to purchase a brand new bottle of shampoo and only spending .17cents, but to purchase others USED clothing & items totally grosses you out, however if you shop smart and just look for items in EXCELLENT shape then I say anything is washable. :) GET OVER IT!

**another note: this post may lead you to believe I am a craft queen or a master of cross stitching... the fact of the matter is that I am a beginner, learning to make my own things to SAVE MONEY and I have 5 quilts to finish before September and since my sewing machine (that I HARDLY know how to use) is giving me problems I need something besides sewing to break up my day or i'll chuck the 50lb machine out the window and that would be anything BUT frugal.**


oh I almost forgot, I also found a crafty mom blog that sells a few little things for pretty good deals, and if I mention them on my blog I GET A FREE BOW. So check them out!

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Brandy said...

Most stuff I would buy secondhand. There's only a couple things that I wouldn't buy...think underwear. Ewww.

It's always frugal to RECYCLE! LOL!

H F W said...

I LOVE buying second-hand clothes. Most kids clothes are in great condition bc kids don't wear them for too long ... but they have worn them normally long enough for the clothes to have been washed so the clothes are nice and soft.
Good buys at your rummage sale stops!

Michelle said...

there were no garage sales here this week. I LOVE garage sales.