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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BZZ agent Review: glade scent and spray : GIVEAWAY AND SAMPLES TOO!

I didn't want to cover up theme week TIDY TUESDAY (see below) but as a BUZZ AGENT I have a duty!

Glade scent and spray I told you about HERE, I have now given it plenty of time to make an impact on me and my guest bathroom, Here is what I thought. **I would still appreciate any other feedback from you readers who have tried these**

I love the idea! I love that an motion activated spray will cover up scents when it is needed which is WHEN someone is in the bathroom using it. I did notice like other people that even just turning the lights on or off made it go off, but that was a PLUS for me, I enjoyed peeking in to see if I could smell it and maybe add a little extra freshness.. IT Did however take me a week at least to figure out how to manual make it go off and add that added freshness. (which I like but didn't see anything telling me how to do it, on the machine OR in the box!)

After a few weeks I decided although I liked the idea and the frangrance, I wasn't going to buy any, it wasn't as wonderful as I thought. (SORRY) and so I passed it to my sister who has been DYING to try them (she was excited) and have her try it... her conclusion is that you can't smell it... it doesn't put off enough to cover scents, and sometimes you want a good small scent even in a non-stinky bathroom...

So what do you think?

Have you tried one?

heard of them?


OFF THE TOPIC I found a giveaway HERE and a sample HERE

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Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

I've never tried Glade's before, but I'd love to.

The house we grew up in had one but I have no idea whose company made it. You had to do it manually but the smell was fantastic!


Martha said...

Hi, I clicked over the giveaway for the pads, I'm going to follow you and Thank you!!

Michelle said...

I havent tried it...but if you'll put up your bzz number thingy dohickey, i'll go over there and let them know you buzzed me.