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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Candy Clerance

So I went shopping yesterday to get some cleranced Easter Candy. I waited until the husband was home and willing to go with. We got to Walmart and the Easter section was MY first stop.... I went up and down the isles frantically searching, hoping, wishing to find some Reese's PB eggs, some mini cadbury eggs, and maybe a hallow chocolate bunny (for PB dipping) I went through 5 isles... with nothing! I did happen to grab a consolation prize since I couldn't find anything worthy of first place. I wanted to cry!!!! Seriously i'm pregn. remember it doesn't take much for tears.

Then I somehow convinced my husband to stop and just let me run in EVERY OTHER STORE IN TOWN in hopes... perhaps he saw the tears welling... Anyway, I ran in WAlgreens... REESES HEAVEN!!!!! yeah!!! Although I did pay more than Walmart would have had them for, I found some and that was the point. And not only some, but a variety, little eggs, normal eggs, reester bunnies... Even some Peanut M&M's and mini snickers...

some might say I went overboard, but I say "This is what pregnant looks like!"

I hope you guys had better clearance shopping luck then I did.

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