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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Learn how to make hairbows for FREE

I am OBSESSED.... I admit it, I am addicted...

So when I was pregnant with my first daughter I was so excited to have a girl, but I knew that I hated seeing babys at the store or whereever and not knowing which gender they were... and I didn't want anyone to tell me "he is so cute" if I really was having a girl. So I decided I needed to have some bows. I did a lot of research online and found one lady whos bows were not too expensive... So after debating for a week I decided If I was only going to have one girl, I better not regret it and have bows bows bows... for each outfit if I could. IF I was going to have more girls then It would just be a better investment! HEE HEE (how's that for rationalization?!!)

After debating on purchasing bows already made or purchasing instructions on how to make bows, I decided I wanted to purchase a few to scrutinize closely and see if I could learn how to make them for free. Once they arrived I was elated I checked them out and they didn't look too hard, so off I went playing with ribbon... well it was frusterating to say the least. I finally smartened up and decided to see if I could find some online tutorials.

This is what I found: I found free instructions at the Ribbon Retreat that I printed out. Then I found Girly things they are AWESOME!!! They have a whole list of links across the top of their site that are free instructions on how to projects, they have recently added video tutorials which are helpful for a girl like me who is visual. With these two sites I learned everything I wanted to know and went to town.. to date my daughter has over 30 sets of bows (because if you make one you have to have a match for the piggy tails!)

I also live in a small town that doesn't have much ribbon selection so I want to share the sites I have found online that you can buy ribbon in small quanities. I usually order from the Ribbon Retreat, they have a great variety, they have a clearance section and grab bags, they have a treasure box which is a suprise box for .50cents that have had some dang cute holiday ribbons in them and that is a steal of a price! The second place I like is RABOM (ribbons and bows oh my!) they are pretty compeditive with RR's prices, except if you want a ribbon set... (pre selected coordinating colors) they are WAY better priced. They send you 4-6 different patterns 5 yards each for around 10.00 at RR they send you 5yards total of 5 ribbons and it's 4.99. So yes, RR sends you enough basically to make a set of matching bows... and RABOM sends you enough to make EXTRA it's a better deal, so use them as gifts or split them between friends. :)

So to be honest I will be making my first purchase from RABOM today, and I have ordered from RR many times. The shipping for RR is amazingly quick... They are only a state away for me, but I get my order in the mail within 2 days usually from the day I ordered it.

Seriously check out the girly things website my favorite bows are the perky loop bow, the boutique bow, the loopy surround a bow... just to mention a few. They have ribbon sculptures like holiday shapes and tinkerbell... and all sorts of helpful information! Oh and if you wanna see some of the first ones I made check it out, I SELL THEM TOO!!! HERE

BUT if your not into making your own check out THIS site. She is wonderfully talented and has helped me learn to make beautiful bows!!

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p.s. I would give you a link to where I bought my first set... BUT she is gone.. Can't find her... *shrug*


Susie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such sweet comments! I hope to see you back there soon:-)

Jenn said...

Great article! If you need some more hair bow instructions, check out http://www.LearnHowToMakeBows.com

karla said...

I love you! I had my credit card right here by my keyboard and had the Ribbon Retreat instructional CD, etc. in my shopping cart. I hit the internet one last time just looking for a coupon code to save money on the shipping, and found you. You just saved me $35! :)