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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Albertsons 1/27 & 1/28 : UPDATED

So if your family uses Kraft BBQ sauce, or Miracle Whip or kraft salad dressing Get to Albertsons today!

Kraft BBQ sauce is 1.25 a bottle when you buy 3 bottles you get 3.00 off instantly, making each bottle only .25. (some stores have coupon tear pads in that isle making them each a money maker!)

Miracle whip is 2/6.00 but when you buy 3 you get 3.00 off instantly which would be 3/6.00 2.00 each!(which isn't killer but it's a good price)

Dressing 2/4.00 " " making them 1.00 each and then there are 1.00/2 coupon making them .50 each!!!

It's mix and match you don't have to buy all 3 of one item!


My Trip:

Kraft BBQ sauce: 1.25SP (x9)-3.00WYB 3 products (x3)= .25EACH

Miracle Whip 3.00SP (x3) -3.00WYB 3 products-.50/1 (x3)= 1.50EACH
Mayo: 3.00SP (x1) -.75MC
Kraft Salad Dressing: 2.00SP (x2) -3.00WYB 3 products (1 mayo, 2 dressing) -1.00/2 MC
so basically mayo 1.25 EACH Dressing .50 EACH

24 pk Spring Bottled water 3/10.00
6pk Spring Bottled Water 1.00
Total: 11.00 -10.00 Beer MIR = 81bottles for 1.00 plus tax!!! (GREAT for STOCKPILING!)
***items must be purchased before 2/01***

*so BEER rebates you ask... yeah I have heard about them, but never remembered to look. I guess in select stores you can find the rebate forms throughout the store. I have been told to look in the drink isle. I personally never remembered to look, today I ran into some back in the butcher shop, in the frozen pizza, bottled water, and one more spot... I can't remember.. ANYWAY
So I read it... no beer purchase neccessary. You can buy any of the following *on this particular rebate* salty snacks, buns, meat snacks, deli sandwhiches, ...ummm this is all from memory... Bottled water and pizza (there was a note next to the water and pizza that the purchase must be exceed 10.00)
So you buy any 10.00 worth of those items and you get 10.00 rebate back, 1 per household... and exceeding 10.00 is why I bought the 6pk to make sure it qualified for the rebate.

Also another idea is to get 10 hot dog or hamburger buns because they are on sale for 10/10.00 right now, OR digornio pizza is 2/10.00 AND when you buy 20.00 worth you get 5.00 off automatically... so you can do 20.00 -5.00 -10.00= 5.00 for 4 pizzas... that is a killer deal!

So check your stores before Feb. 1st for the rebate form, or I grabbed a few, I would be happy to mail anyone one who's store TRUELY doesn't have one, but save me the stamp and at least look first. the stuff just has to be postmarked by 2/15

This is yesterdays trip:

Sunsilk BOBO 4.79 -2.00/2MC= 2.79 for two!
St Ives face scrub 2.99 (x2) -2.00/1 (x2) printable= .99each
Tomatoe Sauce .49 but with instore coupon they are 8/1.00= limit 8
Old orchard 100% Juice SP 3/7.00 -3.00 in store coupon 1.33each.

Applesauce clearanced for .82 for a 4 pk..
Table Time meals cleranced for .62

1 Comment:

Brandy said...

Wanna trade some Pepsi from CVS for some H2O from Albertson's?? I need water, but soda is the best deal right now.

I might have to buy something at regular retail price. ~GASP!~
Nah, I'll just use ECB's! LOL!

~BTW, why didn't I remember your name is Brandy too?~