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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Albertsons 1/07 Walgreens & Walmart last week

Thanks to the people at Pinching your pennies and I am Frugal I had a GREAT trip to Albertsons this morning!
Currently Albertsons has a deal going where if you mix and match certain items from their add and spend $30.00 (before using coupons) you get a Catalina MC print out for 15.00 off your next purchase. So basically anything and everything in those certain catagories are 50% off to start with, then stack on a coupon and your talking! They also have two in ad coupons to double up to 3 MC. (up to 1.00) so you can double 6 reg MC coupons on this deal too! These are the seperate $30.00 qualifying purchases I made this morning

Tide: $6.00x2 = 12.00 -1/1 -1/1 -2.00doubling coupons= 8.00/2 = 4.00 a bottle!! (not bad from 18.99 RP!! BTW WHO pays that???) & watch for extra savings some bottles only did 52loads, these do 64!
Pantene Shampoo: 1.67x2=3.34 -3.00/2 = .34/2= .17 a bottle!!! -1/1double= FREE (.83 they paid me!)

TOTAL SPENT: 22.64 -15.00CATS= 7.64

I was going to get Downy instead of another tide and only one charmin, but they didn't have downy so I swapped and I will get the downy later this week! I didn't have GREAT coupons for these three items, but they are still a great deal at this price!!!

Charmin:5.00 x2= 10.00 -.35MC= 9.65
Tide 6.00-.25MC=5.75

TOTAL SPENT:16.39 after CATS

Tag: 1.67 -1/1= .67 -1/1doubled = FREE (.33they paid me!)
Dawn Hand Renewal: 1.25 -1/1= .25
Dawn: 1.25 -.50/1= .75
Gogurt: 1.25 x4=5.00 -1/2 -1/2= 3.00 -2.00 double coupons1.00/4 = .25each
Yoplait Kids 1.25 x4=5.00 -1/2 -1/2= 3.00/ 4= .75each
Fiber one pancake mix 1.67 (- no coupons because we had to swap out for this item so I forgot to pull out my coupon!)

TOTAL SPENT: 6.34 after CATS

Fiber one poptarts: 1.00 x3= 3.00 -1/2 -.75/1=1.25 /3 =.42each
Multigrain cheerios 1.00x2=2.00 -.75/1 -.75/1= .50/2 = .25each
Trix Yoplait: 1.25 x2= 2.50 -1/2= 1.50/2 = .75each
Yoplait Yoplus: 1.00x2=2.00 -1/1 -1/1= BOTH FREE
Fiber one granola bars: 1.25 x5=6.25 -1/2 -1/2 -.50= 3.75 / 5 =.75each

TOTAL SPENT: 7.94 after CATS

GRAND TOTAL SPENT: 56.37OOP -15.00CATS =41.37 VALUE OF 182.69!!!
That includes : 60.00 in CAT coupons 28.60 in MFG Coupons and 61.74 in preferred card savings!

Albertsons also have some in ad coupons for things like .25cent 5lb bag of potatoes, and 1.27 malt o' meal cereal and 4.99 for 32oz cheese... which all alone are a great deal! (BTW watch for printable malt o' meal coupons to use with this deal for cereal for .24 a BAG!!!!) I will be getting these items when I go back for my downy!

Then don't forget to turn in your reciepts with Proctor and Gamble items in HERE to get a coupon booklet mailed to you! Offer Expires 1/31

WALGREENS: FREEBIELast week these were on sale for 2/6.00 I used -3/1 -3/1 (printables... sorry they are gone!)
and got these for the price of TAX!

Aussie 1.99 -2/1= .-.01they paid me
Suave lotion: .97 -1/1= -.03 they paid me
Gillette Body wash 2.00 -2/1= FREE
So all three items for the price of tax :)


Brandy said...

Now it's my turn to be sad because we don't have an Albertson's. :[

That was a G-R-E-A-T price on Tide, although I'm with you...who pays full price???

You did awesome!

Julie said...

Sweet! PS - I love the background!