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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Walmart and Walgreens DEALS 12/30

Ok, So now that I am home with my coupons I thought I would run out to see if I could get some holiday items that are 50-75% off then stack on a coupon!
I heard that walmart has some Gillette body wash for 2.00 Clearanced and there are matching coupons to make them FREE! I personally haven't gone to get those yet.. check your stores.
I am watching for the Gillette Shick giftsets to go on the holiday clearance RP10.00 so once they are marked down 50%= 5.00 I have a 4.00MC to make it 1.00~ Great deal!!! I guess some stores haven't put these on the holiday clearance yet, because they are slow and my store is one of them!

Lip smackers (stacked 3 lip balms) 1.24 after holiday 75% off then used a 1.00MC=1.49 for 6 chapsticks. :)
Glade candles (dewberry):3.59Clearanced -3.59MC (BOGO) -3.00MC= .59 for both
Glade refills 3.49 -MC BOGO 3.49= 3.49 for both
Gillette Fusion razor: 8.99SP -4.00MC -3.00 RR =1.99 (then a lot of people are using a get a shampoo or body wash free with purchase of this razor but my cashier said she couldn't)

Dove: shampoo (yellow) 4.99RP -2.00MC=2.99
Dove Shampoo (pink) on clearance 2.29 -1.00MC=1.29
Dove deoderants 2.79x2 -1.00= 2.79*2= 4.58

Then wyb 4 Dove products you get RR back, 2.00 wyb 4 items, 6.00 wyb 6 items. I accidently got 5 trying for 6. So I am going to take the one back to make it four.... so not as great of a deal as I wanted!! so for all four items it was 6.86 /4=1.72each... so I wouldn't have bought these... but sometimes when a screaming kid you mess up. :( If I had gotten my 6 I would have spent 2.86 on all four items. :(

Lipsmackers lipgloss cleranced .60cents... this was going to be my second item to make the coupon work above, but I ended up with two lipbalm stackers... little hands grab, and I forgot!~ Still a good deal!

Revlon Matte eye liner : 9.99 After online rebate= 0.00 FREEBIE!
(for JAN they also have a car airfreshner for 5.99 I think for free after rebate, I couldn't find them in my store, AND a cold sore medicine for 8.99 Free after rebate... then you can file a rebate with the manufacturer (get a rebate receipt) and you'll make money!!

make up brush set and holder clearanced 3.89 ( I have been watching them, they were claranced for 7.99 two weeks ago!)

Glad garbage bags (I bought one two weeks ago at walmart for 7.99) RP 7.99 -WC made them 5.99 each (says limit two but most stores will allow you to do more than the limit as long as you don't take the whole shelf!) then I used a B3G1 FREE MC so 17.97 /4 = 4.49each KILLER I want to go back for more!!!

Garnier Frutis conditioner clearanced for 1.79 -2.00MC FREE!
Dawn soap 1.99RP -WCmaking it .99 -.50MC = .49 (I am going to get another one of these since I found another coupon! Thanks to my mother for saving her coupons for me out of her newspaper... we don't subscribe)

So The total before coupons was 110ish and after I paid 62.98 -5.00RR and 9.99REBATE= 47.99 TOTAL!
**leave a comment if you are looking for these coupons, I will point you in the direction on where I found them! This week was my first week not using a bunch of printables**

suave lotions .97RP -1.00MC made them FREE
soap buddies .97 RP -3.00/3MC all 6 FREE (printable coupon gone)
NERDS candy 1.12each -1.00/2MC = 1.24/2 =.62 each, I have more coupons for this, I wanted to taste test them first.
Disney sleeper clearanced 2.50
Holiday Carter sleepers (super soft fleece ones) 3.41

I also went to Target a few days back and found their Ghirardelli Peanut butter squares (that I blogged about below) on clearance for 1.49 -1.00MC= .49 bags. the coupons came from www.vocalpoint.com