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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Walgreens deals :Dec 5th trip

So yes, this is an old deal... but It is an example of what kind of deals I am starting to learn to get and thought I would blog it here so you all can be excited for the next one!! :)

I went shopping today and I found me some bargains!!! I am so excited I had to share!!!

Sure deoderant: on sale 2/5.00 -1.50off each with in AD coupon, then I had -1.00 each printable coupon. = FREE FOR BOTH!!! (1.50 was in walgreens ad at the store, and you can stack it with a printable manufactured coupon found online!)
bald guyz stuff(SHHHHHHHH it's a xmas gift!): 4.99 with REBATE of 4.99= FREE
colgate total toothpaste: 2.99 -2.00 RR= .99
crest toothpaste: 3.99 -3.99Coupon from vocalpoint =FREE
walgreens toothbrushes: 1.50 each package =3.00 for 4 toothbrushes
right guard deoderant: 5.99-5.00REBATE and .50cent printable coupon= .50
purchase any 25.00 dollars and get 5.00RR

Grand total spend 18.03 after tax. I will get back 9.99 in REBATES = 8.04 spend... then I got 7.00 in RR so basically I got this all for 1.04 :) WAHHHHHHHHOOOO!

first aid kit : .97 each -3.00 off when you buy 2 = FREE all THREE!! HERE
soap: .97each 3.00 off when you buy 3 = FREE ALL SIX (with the use of two printable coupons!)

IF any of you are interested in my printables with LINKS. Please leave a comment telling me so I know to put the extra work into making sure those are on there. :)