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Sunday, August 10, 2008

BZZZ Action Scrubber

Ok, So I am a bzzz agent. What is that you ask? Well its someone that signs up for offers and they send you certain new products to the market and you try them out and then tell them your thoughts along with anyone else's thought that you talked to about the product.

Last week I got a scrubbing bubbles action scrubber set. I used this product on my bath tub once there was a ring around it from the sand dunes with all that sand I brought back with me! LOL

Anyway It was awesome, At first I thought that the pad wasn't going to stay on the velcro areas... but it did! In fact it went around the corners in the tub just great for being square, there were suds everywhere which was a concern I had trying a disposable pad that it would have enough cleaner in it, but the water activated cleaner was abundant! I didn't even have to scrub!!! I just wiped it was nice! the best time I have ever had cleaning a tub. I would purchase these!!!

That's my buzz... so has anyone tried these? anyone hate cleaning tubs? please leave a comment telling me any experience you have had with this product.
Thank you!